Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols (Star Artist)

Joe Nichols discusses how he got started as an artist (1:29), the tough but defining moment when he knew he belonged (3:29), the funny odd jobs he worked to get by (5:23), how he coped with disappointment and rejection when coming to Nashville (8:24), being told ‘no’ on every one of his first 31 opportunities (9:40), his 1st Grammy experience, and an odd encounter with Queen Latifah and Halle Berry (12:53), what he’d do differently if starting out in the music business today (15:10), what inspired his ‘Never Gets Old’ album and the response he’s seen from it (16:14), what True Country is to him (19:13), and more.

Mickey Gilley (Country Legend)

Country music legend Mickey Gilley joins the podcast and discusses his first recording taking 50+ years to do anything for him (2:05), musical trivia of artists who played on his records (2:40), how a B-side jukebox throwaway tune became his first #1 record (3:27), wanting to be a rock-n-roller like cousin Jerry Lee Lewis (4:45), Urban Cowboy reunions (6:02), camaraderie with the fans (9:53), highest points of his career (11:08), finding his niche when creating his hit songs (15:07), the next Mickey Gilley on keys (18:25), what True Country is to him (19:42) and more.

Glen Templeton (Artist)

Glen Templeton (Artist – Nashville)

Glen Templeton, rising star based in Nashville, talks following in his father’s footsteps (2:06), songwriting being key to country artists’ identity (4:16), his own turning point to making the dream become his reality (6:10), the peaks & valleys from a struggling musician to playing for thousands (9:55), the true value of living out the American dream in this country (10:45), giving fans what they ask for in traditional country music artists (12:40), calling on his rural upbringing in his music and songwriting (14:20), the move to Nashville (15:22), adoption into the Texas scene (18:04), carving the hard path the right way (22:14), a story about George Jones’ special medicine (25:48), what True Country is to him (28:47), and more.

John Ozier, VP Creative - ole

John Ozier (VP Creative – ole Majorly Indie)

John Ozier, VP Creative at ole Majorly Indie, joins the podcast and talks about doing whatever it takes to make it in the music industry (2:18), striving to do something that you love without worrying about much else (5:50), writing 300 songs before coming up with 1 to be proud of (7:53), the first time hearing his own hit on the radio (10:33), ‘Skin’- the power of a song that reaches deeper into people’s lives than you could ever expect (11:30), the value of a strong work ethic (13:16), his work at ole (14:10), what True Country is to him (22:20), and more.

Bobby Tomberlin (Curb Records Publishing- Nashville)

Bobby Tomberlin, of Curb Records Publishing, Nashville, talks about writing breakthrough hits like Diamond Rio’s ‘One More Day’ (6:58), creating songs that speak to their listeners (9:45), staying true to self after years on Music Row (10:45), booking a gig on CMT’s ‘The Singing Bee’ TV show (17:05), working on the movie ‘Wheeler’ (18:53), an interesting experience with Hall-of-Famer Phil Everly (23:40), what True Country is to him (26:03), and more.