Lloyd Maines (ACL Hall-of-Famer, Producer & Musician)

Lloyd Maines, prolific musician & producer, father of Dixie Chicks Superstar Natalie Maines, and ACL Hall of Fame inductee joins the podcast! He discusses how he started playing music and where he got his first pedal steel guitar (1:55), developing from a teenage honky-tonk player to studio musician (5:16), the different styles he played that brought him different work (7:00), coming to produce, play, or both on more than 4,000 records (12:27), some of his favorite musicians to work with while making current records (16:53), tough moments in his career (18:50), one of the best decisions he made that lead to his success (22:02), getting to see and contribute to his daughter Natalie’s success with the Dixie Chicks (25:06), what it’s like to be a successful musician and also a father to a superstar artist (27:38), keeping things in perspective while watching his daughter and the Dixie Chicks become hugely successful (28:22), what he’d do differently if starting out today (32:20), a chance encounter with Chuck Berry (39:21), what True Country is to him (44:25), and more.

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