Joe Nichols

Joe Nichols (Star Artist)

Joe Nichols discusses how he got started as an artist (1:29), the tough but defining moment when he knew he belonged (3:29), the funny odd jobs he worked to get by (5:23), how he coped with disappointment and rejection when coming to Nashville (8:24), being told ‘no’ on every one of his first 31 opportunities (9:40), his 1st Grammy experience, and an odd encounter with Queen Latifah and Halle Berry (12:53), what he’d do differently if starting out in the music business today (15:10), what inspired his ‘Never Gets Old’ album and the response he’s seen from it (16:14), what True Country is to him (19:13), and more.

Mickey Gilley (Country Legend)

Country music legend Mickey Gilley joins the podcast and discusses his first recording taking 50+ years to do anything for him (2:05), musical trivia of artists who played on his records (2:40), how a B-side jukebox throwaway tune became his first #1 record (3:27), wanting to be a rock-n-roller like cousin Jerry Lee Lewis (4:45), Urban Cowboy reunions (6:02), camaraderie with the fans (9:53), highest points of his career (11:08), finding his niche when creating his hit songs (15:07), the next Mickey Gilley on keys (18:25), what True Country is to him (19:42) and more.

Glen Templeton (Artist)

Glen Templeton (Artist – Nashville)

Glen Templeton, rising star based in Nashville, talks following in his father’s footsteps (2:06), songwriting being key to country artists’ identity (4:16), his own turning point to making the dream become his reality (6:10), the peaks & valleys from a struggling musician to playing for thousands (9:55), the true value of living out the American dream in this country (10:45), giving fans what they ask for in traditional country music artists (12:40), calling on his rural upbringing in his music and songwriting (14:20), the move to Nashville (15:22), adoption into the Texas scene (18:04), carving the hard path the right way (22:14), a story about George Jones’ special medicine (25:48), what True Country is to him (28:47), and more.

John Ozier, VP Creative - ole

John Ozier (VP Creative – ole Majorly Indie)

John Ozier, VP Creative at ole Majorly Indie, joins the podcast and talks about doing whatever it takes to make it in the music industry (2:18), striving to do something that you love without worrying about much else (5:50), writing 300 songs before coming up with 1 to be proud of (7:53), the first time hearing his own hit on the radio (10:33), ‘Skin’- the power of a song that reaches deeper into people’s lives than you could ever expect (11:30), the value of a strong work ethic (13:16), his work at ole (14:10), what True Country is to him (22:20), and more.

Bobby Tomberlin (Curb Records Publishing- Nashville)

Bobby Tomberlin, of Curb Records Publishing, Nashville, talks about writing breakthrough hits like Diamond Rio’s ‘One More Day’ (6:58), creating songs that speak to their listeners (9:45), staying true to self after years on Music Row (10:45), booking a gig on CMT’s ‘The Singing Bee’ TV show (17:05), working on the movie ‘Wheeler’ (18:53), an interesting experience with Hall-of-Famer Phil Everly (23:40), what True Country is to him (26:03), and more.

Shenandoah Lead Singer Marty Raybon

Marty Raybon (Shenandoah Lead Singer)

Marty Raybon, Shenandoah lead singer, discusses
starting out in Muscle Shoals (3:58),
creating their first top-10 record in ‘She Doesn’t Cry Anymore’ (5:52),
working the pitch sheet for hit after hit (7:40),
what he hears in music (9:41),
returning to the band after 17 years (10:47),
the difference between a good song and a great song (13:00),
hardships of the road (14:05),
moments in a 30-year career that make it all worthwhile (15:50),
how he’d manage his career starting today (18:56),
Shenandoah’s 30th Anniversary Tour (24:30),
what True Country is to him (26:03),
and more.

Steve Dorff (Hall of Fame Songwriter)

Legendary songwriter Steve Dorff, 2018 inductee into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and author of the book ‘I Wrote That One Too…A Life in Songwriting From Willie to Whitney’, discusses knocking on doors as a young songwriter (3:44),
handling rejection and sticking with good songs before their success (8:15),
George Strait making ‘I Cross My Heart’ a hit 8 years after it was written (9:10), what he’s up to today (14:27), an unexpected mega-hit with a previously unknown singer (15:55),
always saying “yes” (19:16),
what True Country is to him (21:06), and more.

Brendon Anthony (Director- Texas Music Office, Former Pat Green Fiddler)

Brendon Anthony, Director of the Texas Music Office under the office of the Governor of Texas, and former touring fiddle player for Pat Green, discusses jailbreaks in a tour bus from the studio to Padre Island, the transition from a full-time touring musician to an industry guru, building communities that support artists and a healthy music industry, and changing the conversation about what the music industry is.
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